Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just For Fun

If this doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what would. I ask you, does this beautiful child deserve to be locked away in an institution the rest of her life? She has so much to give.

Practicing her walking. I just wonder how much practice she's had since then. you gotta love the outfit. We affectionately refer to this as her 'Sneetches' outfit after the Dr. Seuss book, you know "stars on their bellies."  Notice the sweater outfit, with heavy leggings and t-shirt underneath. On top of that, the rooms are very warm. This seems to be the orphange mindset, that young children must be kept very warm to ward off sickness. If they could only see me putting my children to bed in only a diaper in the warmer months. I would think they had to be very uncomfortable, but again, maybe they are used to it.

 Well, there are a couple of other videos I tried to post but my computer is not letting me. I think perhaps the other videos are too large. I must remember to make them shorter next time. So think of this as a teaser. I'll put Gabe on the job. He can usually work magic with computers. Hopefully more next time.

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