Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, it's about time!

When we began our adoption journey, the whole idea of blogging was so foreign to me, being inept with all things technological, I couldn't fathom that I would one day attempt such a thing. Now, as the whole process has dragged on much longer than we anticipated, I need something to fill up the days and months of waiting, and perhaps to make me feel like I'm doing something for her.  So, here goes! Nothing fancy, just some of what we've experienced thus far and what we hope to experience in the future as we look forward to finally bringing our girl home.

We took our first steps on our adoption journey in Nov. 2009 and here we are, a year-and-half later, still waiting to go back to get our girl. Many unforeseen bumps in the road. But I've come to realize that is often the norm in international adoption. Our story is not unique, although our particular set of circumstances may be.  
Why such a long delay? We were initially told we could go back before Christmas of last year for court, but..... We didn't count on her being hospitalized because pre-adoption tests showed she was infected with latent TB. Ok, so 6 months of treatment in a hospital so that she doesn't develop the symptoms of TB or become contagious. 6 long months of not really knowing how she's doing or what kind of environment she's in, of getting very little information. They tell us she will be re-tested in June to see if the treatment has been successful. If so, she will be released back to the orphanage and court will be scheduled.  If it's not successful, more months of treatment.  A prospect I really don't like to think about. So that's a very brief introduction of where we're at.  Stay tuned for more!


Susan said...

Thanks for doing this, Melanie. I look forward to reading your posts.

Melody said...

Awesome Mel! Can't wait for more updates! Praying for you and your family.