Our Crew

Miss Attitude

Busy at work. Her computer skills are pretty much on par with Mom's.

My Boy

All decked out in traditional Navajo headwear, okay, not really. It's just a cute hat he made in kindergarten, so how could I not take his picture? Notice the elegant Lifesaver/Fruit Loop necklace.

Big Sister - definitely the sweetest of the bunch.

Sporting the official Sooner headwear. c'mon everybody: Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner!

Vika, our newest addition.  She is such a dear and we're crazy about her.

All ready to go! She gets very excited when we get in the car.

The Mutt, aka Midnight

All decked out, and terribly happy about it.

I include this because it might just be the only candid shot we possess where all children are looking at the camera with a somewhat normal expression on their faces (just ignore the mess in the background).

Millie & Eli in a box. Why are they in a box? Because they can.

Here we are at "The Happy Duck" or whatever the name of our favorite restaurant in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe. We loved it because it was a buffet and we could just point.

My Honey, once again at the "Happy Duck".  Why the U. of Maryland t-shirt? Good question.

Okay, That's all folks!!!