Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Good News!!!!

Finally! Something good to report. Let me go back a few days. As some of you know, there was another Reece's Rainbow family visiting their son who also lives in Victoria's baby house. They had graciously offered to try to get some information about her for us. I certainly didn't expect that they would be so successful!

Last Thursday, I was about as down as I could be. I could see other families proceeding with their adoptions and being blessed with their children.  It seemed like it would never be our turn. All I saw ahead was more months of waiting and uncertainty.  Was this God's will? Were we even supposed to be doing this?  Then....

Friday morning I woke up to a Facebook message from my friend Karen who said that day, while they were at the orphanage,  the social worker came in and said the hospital had just called and said they were expecting to send Victoria back to the orphanage at the beginning of July!!!  My friend asked about the TB, since we had just been told the prior week she was still testing positive. The social worker replied they would not be sending her back if she still had it.  I could hardly get this through my still sleep-fogged brain, but the more I thought about it the more excited I got.  I couldn't believe it. I certainly didn't understand it and I still don't.  But, finally, finally, something good. Words can't really express my happiness and relief at this news.  Now, to confirm this with our agency.

When I received this bit of information, it was the end of the work week there, so we had to wait through the weekend to find out if this was really true.  I am happy to say that just an hour ago, our agency called and said, "yes, she will be released later this week!"   We should also be receiving a medical report that will hopefully help fill in some of the missing pieces for us next week.  Our agency is as puzzled as we are. It truly makes no sense.

I would like to understand why things happened like this and why we were told what we were told.  But if we never understand, it really doesn't matter.  We are a big step closer to bringing our girl home and I'm so happy about that, I can live with the rest. 

If I had to say what has allowed us to get to this point today, without a doubt it would be because so many of God's people have been praying for us.  I can't say thank you enough to those of you who have.  So, hopefully the next time you hear from us, I will be announcing our court date.  Now, to schedule our dr's appointments (again, more bloodwork, yay!),  and get our police clearances (again). 

Oh, one more little thing.  We also found out that V. has started walking during her time in the hospital.  Now that makes this momma happy! 

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