Friday, February 3, 2012


I see the question in people's eyes, even though it's rarely spoken -only by one acquaintance (bless her heart) who rather rudely blurted out, "Why?" when she found out we had adopted Vika.  The unspoken question is "Why would you want to take on such a responsibility? Don't you have your hands already full enough with 3 children? Isn't she a lot of trouble?" Most of the people we know well are actually very nice, Christians, in fact, and probably understand already the value that God places on all human life. Regardless of IQ, appearance, national origin.  

Still I know the question is there. So, just for the record, here goes.  You may think we're a bit crazy for spending tens of thousands of dollars and much more in energy and time to adopt a child with Down's Syndrome.  Truth is, I think you're a bit crazy if you don't.

Not necessarily a child like Vika, but any child. I mean, really, what could be better?  You've gotta to spend your life on something. You know what makes me happy? Seeing Vika "get" something, like a new sign or sort of saying a new word or learning how to give a kiss.  

Especially when I consider where she would be if she were not here. She would be clamoring for the attention of one or two caregivers and left to herself the vast majority of her waking hours. Rocking on the floor perhaps or staring vacantly at the ceiling. And when she leaves the baby house, the conditions would probably be far worse. 

We get to be a part of changing her life. That's so exciting to me.  And yes, fun. 

Goodness knows, adoption is not for everyone.  If you have zero desire to adopt, you probably shouldn't. But if the idea of adopting a little one who really needs someone  tugs at your heart, maybe you should give it serious consideration and prayer. Maybe you should consider turning your life upside down and allowing chaos to reign for a little while until everyone adjusts. Maybe you should say goodbye to your fear and hello to faith that God will supply all your needs when you go where He sends you.

If you are intrigued in the slightest, go now to       Maybe, just maybe, there's a kid there who really needs you.


nicole said...

my question to them would be why not???look at the pics on receses rainbow and tell them why they shouldnt be adopted??

Julia said...

I JUST FOUND OUT YOU ARE GETTING SPENCER!!! Oh thank you thank you thank you. He is my boy and I love him. Thank you!!! You just made my day - my week - my year. You have my prayers - my support - my love and everything. Tears raining down as I write. Thank you for getting my sweet little boy!!!!!

McDonald said...

We have been praying for you...though we weren't sure who you were:) Our family was thinking of adopting Spencer, but my husband recently took a job as a pastor of a small town church, so our income has decreased quite dramatically. Since we didn't qualify, I have been praying for another family to step forward for him. I will advocate for your adoption in ANY way you would like!!!!!