Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Last Time I Was Here......

I promised you all a big announcement. This is not it. 
But it occurs to me that I haven't posted any updates in a while, so here goes.

Several people have told me they were praying for us, especially in regards to my post about Millie.  Let me say, I have been noticing some changes in her in recent weeks.  She doesn't have any new words yet, (only just Momma), but she does seem to be producing some new sounds more frequently. More verbalizations overall. Mind you, she still can't imitate someone else when you ask her to, but still, new sounds are good.

Still trying to get some private therapy for her. I was quite naive in dealing with insurance companies, never really having much experience in that area. After how many conversations, I was finally told they will not pay for apraxia treatment. Sad, frustrated Momma. Not done fighting and praying on this front. Just taking a break while I muster up some more strength to re-enter the fight.

Still, Millie just seems happier overall now. She has not been constantly into mischief the past few weeks. Maybe she's just maturing. Whatever the reason, I'm so thankful. I feel like I can relax more.  She's also really accepted her new sister now, I think. We're not seeing the jealousy we saw at first.  So often now, I'll catch them just happily playing together.  Of course, Millie sees herself as the much older sister and is often trying to mother Vika. It's not extreme like it used to be, though. For instance, check out Millie and Vika's little dance number. Can you just see the enthusiasm on Vika's face?

A quiet moment with my littles.

I love my little Millie! She has the cutest habit now of blowing kisses when she leaves a room. Especially when she's about to do something naughty!

Both little ones are still in diapers and whenever I suspect Millie has a dirty one, she always points to Vika as the culprit. Every time. It's kind of a joke now. 

BTW, anyone have any surefire ways of interesting a 3-and-a-half year old in using the potty?  Our checking account would appreciate it. I felt sure she would be the one to train a little bit earlier. I'm kind of a fail in that department. 

Our little Vika continues to do amazingly well. Today is her 4th birthday!  We're celebrating tomorrow though. 

  The last week she's had the most horrible cold. In all my years of mothering, I've never seen so much mucus come out of a child's nose for so many days. Poor little thing's nose is so red and raw from so much wiping and suctioning. Finally, today it seems she's getting better.


She doesn't usually nap, but I guess with her sickness this week, she was just so tired. Anyways, caught her taking a little snooze on the floor.

We have her surgery scheduled for getting tubes in her ears in late February. So hoping that will help with the almost constant drainage and improve her hearing, as well.

And may I add, she's just about the cutest thing around?  Sometimes when I pick her up and feel her squishy little body, I can hardly stand. I just want to eat her up!
At this very moment, I notice that she's managed to get her pants and diaper off and is trying on her sister's shoes.  Now, she's going for a stroll, sans diaper, but wearing one boot.  Excuse me for minute, I'll be back!
Now where was I?  Oh yes, V. will also be starting preschool soon. At least I think she will. We have already been there 4 times to get her evaluated. Four! Really? And we're not done yet.  Honestly.  In the school's defense, I guess they're not used to dealing with Russian-speaking, post-orphanage-dwelling, preschoolers with Down's syndrome.  
Okay, that's it for now. Check back soon for some good news. I promise.


Anonymous said...

No ideas about the potty training (it took about 3 yrs w/ my son) -- but check for diapers, they have some significantly reduced prices sometimes, overstocks / returns / damaged boxes, etc.

Ron and Shana said...

You are killing me with anticipation! :) Potty training...well, I've successfully trained 2 girls and 2 boys....I used gummy bears and M&M's with all. I would sit the potty chair out in the open (not hidden in the bathroom) and get some books for them to read. Every hour we sat on the potty for a few minutes. If they went potty they got their treat. Usually within a week they were trained (except at night...that took a while longer). :)

Rachel said...

Been watching Spencer!! So thankful he has a family!!! Praise GOD!!