Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome To My World

In my world....

I get LOTS of attention!

I can go around naked all day if I want to.

In my world, I get to eat ice cream for dinner! (well, once or twice a year)

In my world, I get to express my emotions.

I get to lay around as much as I want.

I get to travel to exotic places, like Oklahoma!?

I get to be reunited with old friends (that's "Ivan", now Samuel from my groupa). If our friends could see us now! Pretty cool!!

I get to "push people around." Sorry, for the lousy quality, a videographer, my mom is not.

But mostly, I get to make Mom and Dad's day with smiles like this.  My life is good!

I also get to see lots of doctors. Lately, I've been to the cardiologist. My heart looks perfect! Yay for me!

And the ear/nose/throat doctor.  Looks like I'm gonna need tubes in my ears. Boo for me :(   But if it will help me to hear better, it will be worth it. 

I'm also getting evaluated to get ready for preschool. Lots of people are interested in helping me grow and be all I can be. I love this place! 

I still have trouble chewing my food, my mom is working on getting me some help with that. Maybe one of these days, Dad and I will get to have a burger together. He would love that.

I can't say any words yet, but I'm so smart I've already learned how to sign "more," "eat," "drink," "all done," and "good." I am a master imitator. I can play the "tickle game" with the best of 'em. I even know how to "shoot off my little-big toe." Don't ask, it's something my Daddy taught me, he's funny like that. 

I've been blessed with a family of my own, but so many children are still waiting.  Please visit  and consider being a family to a child listed there or helping another family bring their child home. Then you can help make another child's world a whole lot better.

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