Monday, October 1, 2012

It's been a long, long time. I thought it was about time to dust off the old blog and share some things that have been going on with our family.  I should probably give a rundown of everything that's been happening the past few months, but that is way more work than I have time for now.  Instead, how about some pictures of some things we did this summer with no particular theme, just Summer '12.  Here ya' go!

Checking out Lake Superior.  So so beautiful.

Visiting some of the waterfalls around Munising, MI. 

 My boy. He looks so much like my dad here.

 We took a boat ride to view some actual shipwrecks in Lake Superior. And we got to steer the boat!
Dutch Village, Holland, MI. The highlight of the dance was definitely when one of the dancers' wooden shoe flew off and landed in the nearby pond.  Exciting stuff.

Taking a break to cool off with Dad's soda.
Eva and I visited the Dunning Historical Museum in Plymouth, MI. They have a Lincoln exhibit with an actual lock of Lincoln's hair!
Another famous couple.
 Eva, Eli, and I toured the Jiffy plant in Dexter, MI and we got free stuff!!
Millie and Vika at the Detroit Riverwalk.
 Gabe and I went on a whole weekend date. We took in a Tigers game.

Visited the Detroit Institute of Art.  An awesome place to visit. We couldn't see it all in a few hours.
Visited Belle Isle.  Honestly, the aquarium was really sad.  Maybe one day it will be restored to its former glory.

 We cruised the Detroit River on the River Princess! The Motown show was good, but we did not do the Soul Train line but did enjoy watching others with a little alcohol in their system do it.

 General Motors world headquarters shot taken from the boat.
Now for some odds and ends.
 Kensington Metropark - When toddlers attack.

My super-duper-garage-cleaner-uppers.  Guess which one is not as eager to do his work?
And now, another sad installment of "what happens when dads dress kids." Truly a noteworthy entry.

Our Russian sweetheart loves the water. Can you tell?
I hope you all enjoy these few snapshots into our family's life this past summer. Another entry soon!

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Lovely pictures! Thanks.