Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Tuesday morning to you all! Here in SE Michigan it is a stormy, cloudy morning. The sky is the kind that fools me into thinking we might actually get some real thunderstorms, aka the Oklahoma kind, but that never happens :(

On the adoption front, we are scurrying around collecting documents for our dossier. I had forgotten what a headache (not to mention time-consuming) it can be trying to convince various officials to give you exactly what you need or else you cannot bring your child home.  We are making steady progress, thankfully, and I'm relieved to discover that this Eastern European country is not as nit-picky as a certain other Eastern European country.

Perhaps the most exciting development of the last week, though, has been Vika starting school!!

Really?! Yes, really!

Here's her on her first day with her wonderful, capable teacher.

The last year I've truly learned to appreciate those special-education professionals who understand and accept my little girls.  I've always thought of Millie's school as "the happiest place on earth" because the teachers and staff seem so positive and excited to be there.

In other news, a kind fellow-RR-supporter has offered to run a Pampered Chef fundraiser for us to help us with the costs to adopt Spencer.  Here is the link to the site where you can go to purchase some items with a percentage of every item going to our adoption. You know Pampered Chef is good stuff, so go check it out: www.pamperedchef.biz/marysnooks  Just enter my name - Melanie Jim for host at checkout.

Many thanks!!


Saige Hassler said...

Praying for your family!!

Christine said...

Read about your family on the blog "Micah Six Eight." :-) Made a donation to your Reese's Rainbow account.
With Prayers,