Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Busy, much?  Yup, you might say that. Here's a sampling:

Musical rehearsals.

Making time for physical fitness

Thanksgiving - Gabe makes a mean bird, for which I-cant-cook-huge-portions-of-meat-Melanie am so grateful.

Lots of cuddling

Thanksgiving leftovers - you've got to give them credit, at least they went for the good stuff.

Mommy-Eva date at the Bee's Knees in Northville.  I went for my standard dot design, extremely good and fail-proof for non-artistic people like me.

Plenty of general cuteness

And still more

Sisterly love

Extremely cool-Ninja-guy scariness (He really did scare me with this by suddenly appearing in the kitchen - a fact that pleases him immensely.)

Sharing of snacks - "orange you glad we're sisters?!"  Yay, I finally got to work that one in - I've been looking for an opportunity to use a bad pun.

And naughty little children. No lie, as I'm typing this, Millie and Vika are supposed to be napping, instead who do I see coming down the stairs in this get-up? I think I will be mourning the loss of the afternoon nap very soon.

Lastly, further evidence of the crazy things that happen around here.  During my shower this morning, I was chagrined to notice that my new bar of soap had disappeared. I was forced to make due with Gabe's which consisted of 2 measly little scraps pressed together to form a slightly larger scrap. I knew I had just put in a brand new bar, but it was nowhere in sight. Well, as I was putting the girls down for their nap, this is what I saw:

At least it doesn't have teeth marks in it. 

Something else weird I found today.

A parting shot (Millie forgive me) "Could someone grab those buns out of the refrigerator?"

Yes, we do clothe our children daily, but sometimes things happen. In this case, Millie is starting to think she wants to use the potty, so sometimes she will pull her diaper off, sit on her potty for about 2 seconds, and then walk around for a while like this. You can't deny the cuteness factor.

As you can see, Mom and Dad need lots of prayer for the stamina to keep up with these wee ones.  In the midst of it all, I often forget to be thankful for all my treasures, because that's what they are. Have you thanked God for yours lately?

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Karen said...

we got a really great genuine belly laugh out of this one...specifically the banana, the soap, and the cute buns!

thanks for the reminder to be thankful:):)