Friday, August 19, 2011

Update and Shark Bait

Perhaps not the title you were expecting. Let me just say there is a song (a very classic song, I might add) the kids and I enjoy listening to. When my son, Eli, asks to hear this song, he will refer to it as "Shark Bait".  A gold star for anyone who knows the song I'm talking about, and yes, the word "shark" does come up. Okay, enough foolishness. On to more important matters.

We got a couple of exciting pieces of news yesterday. The first is that our friends adopting from the same baby house as our girl now have a court date for early September. This is wonderful, obviously, for them because they will be bringing their son home soon, but also, for us it is good news in that their court was scheduled so quickly after they submitted all their documents. Maybe this will be true for us as well.

The second piece of news is that all our court documents have been mailed to R. and should have arrived yesterday, or at the latest, today. This is a relief because there was still some question as to whether we were going to have to redo anything else.  The judge, after reviewing our documents, could still ask for something more, but for now, we're good.  So it feels like we're getting really close and we're cautiously optimistic we might see our little one very soon.  But, I haven't lived through this last year-and-a-half for nothing, so I'm trying to lean towards the cautious part. I am learning more and more that this is God's thing and He's going to accomplish it when He chooses. But, still can't help being a bit excited.

And then there's the preparations that need to be made for our absence, for court and for her homecoming. Exactly how does one prepare for an adopted child you haven't seen in 10 months? What size clothes is she wearing now? Where will she be happiest sleeping? There's probably at least a thousand little details that I need to consider in bringing her into our family. And goodness knows, I've had the time to plan for each one of them, but with the months of endless delays, there just wasn't the motivation. But now seems like the time to begin our preparations in earnest.  Which for me can be summed up in two words: "shark border."

Confused? Well, my son's room is definitely a boy's room with bright blue walls and a really cool border with lots of scary-looking sharks running along the top. Only problem, he doesn't sleep in this room. The occupant of this room is none other than our sweet little Millie. The male occupant of this room has long ago decided he was much happier sleeping in a room with his big sister.  He is a social creature through-and-through and can't stand sleeping in a room by himself.  Millie, on the other hand, is perfectly happy where's she at and doesn't seem to mind all the ferocious critters looking down on her. But V?, well, somehow it doesn't seem right to put her down to sleep in such a room.  So the sharks gotta go. Which means I should probably get off the computer at this point and go do something more constructive.  Honest-to-goodness, my eldest, Eva, just told me "why don't you do some housework or something?" When the 7-year-old can see the house needs attention, I should probably listen. 


Susan said...

So exciting! Please take pictures of the sharks before you change them. I'd like to see those scary looking sharks!

Marianne said...

Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife"? Do I get a gold star? :-) You could substitute mermaids in place of the sharks, but not sure what your son would think of that. Or dolphins. So exiting that the journey is almost done!